URA Survey Services

Undersea Research Associates use sophisticated equipment and methodologies to find submerged objects and have successfully discovered items for many third parties including public and private interests.

Using a Klein two-channel recorder effectively is an art that is refined on an ongoing basis with URA team members. Many factors influence the process of using this equipment such as configuration, positioning information, and the ever changing bottom and surface conditions encountered during a survey. Effectiveness is measured on known targets to establish an acceptable margin of error based on intended targets. Side scan can be used effectively to find various objects such as a body, airplane and of course, a sunken vessel. The importance of equipment configuration and search method changes, often drastically, depending on the intended target.

Because of the wide variation in surveying techniques the URA has to offer, it is difficult to have standard fees for side scan services. If you have a project that you think the URA can help you with, please feel free to contact David Trotter at 743-455-7585 for a custom quote on the services that URA has to offer.

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